Airfence Bike B – the low angle impact solution.

Most impacts into walls are angled impacts, some acutely angled. If you’ve got a situation where the likely impact into a wall is low, whether it be the whole or part of a corner, then Airfence Bike B Safety System may well be right for you.

The photo below illustrates a typical Airfence Bike B situation. A left hand corner with a wall on the outside. At the start of the corner there is potential for a high (near 90deg) impact angle. So our thicker Airfence Bike or the new Airfence Bike Evo is needed. But on the exit of the corner the bikes are running close to the wall and the potential angle of impact is low. So the thicker Airfence in the foreground gives way to the thinner, tougher faced Airfence Bike B.

This system works on the same principals as Airfence Bike Evo, but the 2 mm conveyor-belting front face, high density foam and the retention and transfer of air inside each section under impact, stiffen the barrier up. This assists to deflect much of the impact while providing enough flex and absorption to save the rider from the critically damaging, high G forces which are suffered when hitting solid objects at speed. It also minimizes the chance of a bike getting caught in the Airfence and throwing it’s rider down the road.

And yes, Airfence Bike B can be joined to thicker barriers and easily stacked when not in use!

An Airfence IIs safety system is made up of sections strapped together so it can be any length and suit any corner. Each section consists of front and back cushions, separating cushions dividing the front from the back, and normal or ambient air pressure cells. All the cushions are lightly inflated to approximately 0.3 psi and these create the frame and cells to stand the Airfence up and hold it’s shape. Pressure relief valves are fitted to the cushions to regulate the air pressure. The modules have angled ends so that they overlap.


Key Facts:

  • Dimensions: 3 x 1.2 x 0.6m / 10 x 4 x 2ft (LxHxW) weight approx 40kg / 88lb.
  • FIM classified and approved “Type B”
  • Tough 2mm PVC conveyor-belt front face and high density foam frames inside.
  • Air transferred between internal chambers for greater resistance.
  • The same tough fastenings and other features as Airfence Bike Evo: rip stop reinforced PVC fabrics, HF welded seams, zips for maintenance, handles for moving, etc.
  • Ease of stacking if required.


Airfence Bike B integrates with thicker “Type A” Airfence, has the same impenetrable joins as Airfence Bike Evo and is very “stackable”.